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John Venn: A Life in Logic. The University of Chicago Press. 

A Prodigy of Universal Genius: Robert Leslie Ellis, 1817-1859. Editor. Springer Nature, forthcoming.

John Venn: Unpublished Writings and Selected Correspondence. Editor. Springer Nature, forthcoming.

Victorian Uncertainties: Probability, Induction and the Limits of Scientific Knowledge in England. Palgrave Macmillan. 

Aristotle’s Syllogism and the Creation of Modern Logic: Between Tradition and Innovation, 1820-1930. Co-edited with Matteo Cosci. Bloomsbury. 

Cambridge Companion to William Whewell. Editor. Full proposal accepted for review. 

The Early Years of Mind: Making Contemporary Philosophy and Psychology. Editor. Full proposal accepted for review. 

Cambridge Idealism: A History. Editor. Full proposal accepted for review.  

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