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Scientific Ignorance: Historical and Philosophical Approaches ‘History of Knowledge Seminar Series’, Lund Centre for the History of Knowledge (LUCK), 11 September

Historical Errors: A Philosophical Perspective ‘Perspectives on Scientific Error: Parsing History, Comparing Viewpoints, and Assessing Preventative Measures’, Three-Day Workshop, Lorentz Center, Tilburg, 16-20 August

Editing Modern Science: The Making and Legacy of The Works of Francis Bacon‘Descartes Centre Colloquium’, Utrecht University, 22

Unknowability: A Historiographical Inquiry‘Philosophical Tradition in Context Seminar’, Department of Philosophy, University of Amsterdam, postponed

Probabilizing Induction: An Uncomfortable History‘Philosophy of Science Seminar’, Freudenthal Institute, History and Philosophy of Science, Utrecht University, postponed

“A Bolshevik Menace”: L.E.J. Brouwer’s reception from Cambridge to Moscow‘Mathematical Communities in the Reconstruction after the Great War (1918-1928)’, One-Day Workshop, Centre International de Reconcentres Mathématiques, Mareseille, 15 November 

Objective and Subjective Probability‘History and Foundations of Philosophy’, MA Course, Rutgers University Business School, New Brunswick, 15 October 

Between Modernism and Counter-Modernism in the Foundations of Mathematics, 1910-1930‘Vossius Centre Colloquium’, Vossius Centre for the History of Humanities and Sciences, University of Amsterdam, 13 March

Disciplinary Unknowns: Making Ignorance Work in Nineteenth-Century British Science‘How Disciplines Interact’, Workshop, Vossius Centre for the History of Humanities and Sciences, postponed to May 2022

Measuring Uncertainty and Dealing With Errors in Early Psychometrics‘BSHM-CSPHM Annual Conference’, University of St Andrews, 7 June

Historicizing Scientific Knowledge in the Anthropocene‘Anthropocene Knowledge Frontiers Symposium’, The British Academy & Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), 18 November

Beyond Knowledge‘New Paradigms in the History of Knowledge’, Symposium, Ca’Foscari University of Venice, 5 December

What the History of Knowledge Should Also Be: The Case of Non-Knowledge‘7th Biannual Meeting of the Belgian-Dutch Society for the History of Science and Universities’, Zeist, 21 June

Experimental Abstraction: Francis Galton, John Venn, and Cambridge Anthropometry, 1887-1891‘History of Science Society Annual Meeting, 26 July 

Robert Leslie Ellis, James Spedding and The Works of Francis Bacon: Editing and Interpreting‘The Life and Work of Robert Leslie Ellis’, Symposium, Trinity College, Cambridge, 28 September

John Venn: Cambridge Moral Scientist‘Making of the Humanities Conference VI’, Oxford, 29 September

Modern Probability Theory: The Case of A. Ya. Khinchin‘Congrès de la Société Francaise d’Histoire des Sciences et des Techniques’, Strasbourg, 19 April

Victorian Statistics: From the London Statistical Society to the Royal Statistical Society‘7th International Conference of the European Society for the History of Science’, Prague, 23 September

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