Lukas M. Verburgt   



Teaching Certificates



I have taught, designed and coordinated some thirty BA- and MA-level courses at various institutes in the Netherlands.  

The majority of these courses were Philosophy of Science courses for B.A. philosophy students (UvA) and M.A. history and philosophy of science students (UU). I have also lectured on History of Philosophy, Theoretical Philosophy and Science and Technology Studies (STS). For an overview see my C.V.   

SKO/STQ (’Senior Teaching Qualification’) 

BKO/UTQ (’University Teaching Qualification’)

I have supervised 6 M.A. theses and some 10 B.A. theses in the history and philosophy of science.

During my time at the UvA I have tutored around 40 B.A. students and 5 M.A. students. 

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